Fuel Girl | Sarah Harley

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Sarah Harley photographed by Celeste Giuliano for Retro Lovely magazine.

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Fuel Tank TV 2.0

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It’s been a stack of work to get to this point, but finally we are happy to launch the newest iteration of our Fuel Tank TV project. It’s bigger, better, and much more comprehensive than the site that went before it.

So what’s new? Well, for a start at the time of writing this there are 560 films playing on the site, which is over 4 time more than we had before. With a much smoother upload process, the site allows us to seamlessly pull in films from the best publishers much quicker than the last site.


The homepage will always show the latest films to be added, with the individual categories below also showing what’s new in that particular category. Once a film is chosen, the individual viewer opens, surrounded by a black border for the best viewing contrast for each film. We even have thumbs up/down icons so you can approve what’s playing.. or not!


Well, there’s lots more to be seen that we can mention here, so why not head over yourself and take a look? Don’t forget to bookmark the site. With new films added daily, and hundreds in the archives to get through, there will always be something to help get you through the morning coffee, whatever your interest.

Fuel Tank TV. Be inspired.

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Coming Soon // Tank Moto 05


We’re well in to production with the next issue of Tank Moto. It’s currently sitting at more features than we’ve had in an issue before, and it was even tricky to narrow it down to those. We should have it all wrapped up within a couple of weeks, with it launching sometime mid to late September.

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Dean Wallan’s ‘Flying Circus’ Topolino Altered


Story Karlee Sangster. Photography Luke Ray.

Dean Wallan was always going to own a race car. Little did he know he’d end up building one of the wildest things on wheels, but we’ll let him tell the story.

“My obsession with cars began when I was maybe five or six, I guess. There was a picture theater down the road from where I lived and my mum would take me to see the odd movie on Saturdays. Eventually, I wandered off from home by myself and would end up sitting in the movies watching all the cool 1970s car chase movies like Gumball Rally, Vanishing Point, Bullet and American Graffiti. I was hooked, it was like I was brainwashed into thinking everything should go fast.


One particular memory that lead me towards race cars was when I was around five years old. I was cruising along on my three wheeler trike just sussing out the neighbourhood and here’s this midget speedway car being push started down a side street. All of a sudden, this thing locked up the back wheels and rumbled to life and took off up the street. I had one foot in the back axle and the other foot was pushing flat out so I could catch this race car. I chased it for two blocks on my three wheeler and found the house where it lived.


I remember the gold leaf swirl finish writing on the car, it was called ‘The Golden Gun’ and Ted Tracy drove it. They couldn’t get rid of me and I became best mates with Shane, Brian Tracy’s youngest son. He was the same age as me and we would go to the speedway in Auckland to watch his brother race.” Quite the introduction to the race scene, you’d have to agree…


See the full story of this awesome machine in Fuel Magazine issue 17.

Event | Kustomfest 2014


Kustomfest only started in 2012, but is already taking shape as the biggest custom car and bike event in Indonesia. As supporters of this year’s event, we will be going over and representing Fuel Magazine and Tank Moto. Once there, we will be in the company of Cole Foster from Salinas Boys, Roland SandsYuichi Yoshizawa from Custom Works Zon, Shige & Wildman from MOON Japan as well as other respected media partners Chopper Journal, Wild Motorcycles and Ultra VW. Read more for the official press release:

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Kiyo’s Garage Turbo CB750


Story Geoff Baldwin. Photography Jose Gallina.

The first time I noticed Kiyonaga Mitsuhiro was in an interview with Garage Company owner Yoshinobu Kosaka. He was working in the background of the workshop and Yoshi explained how important he was as their skilled fabricator. He then caught my attention years later as he was doing doughnuts and compression lock-ups on his custom Knucklehead in a video about photographer Ray Gordon’s ‘Throttled’ exhibition. Then last year he popped up again as an invited builder at the Born Free 5 show in Silverado, California and I promptly added him to my ‘keep an eye on this guy’ list of builders.


Since moving to the States from Japan 13 years ago Kiyo has played an important part in the Californian custom scene, receiving loads of praise for his work customising Harley Davidsons. It was his incredible turbocharged, K series Honda CB750 that was awarded as the Best Japanese Bike at Born Free 5 that really blew my mind though. After seeking more information about the heavily flaked, pink, turbocharged CB750 I discovered that our good friend and contributing photographer Jose Galina was a buddy of Kiyo’s. As it turned out Jose had been looking for an excuse to go and see/hear the bike in action so as if the planets had all aligned a photo session and an interview were locked in…


See the full story and more of Jose Gallina’s photos in Tank Moto issue 04.

Event | Classic Legends Nagoya


If you’re looking for another annual event in Japan to compliment the Mooneyes Yokohama show, then the search is over. The crew from The Local Hero in Nagoya are starting up a brand new show in March and it looks like it’s going to be good.

Here’s some official info, and keep an eye on the Classic Legends Facebook page, Instagram account and website for updates and info:

“38TIMEZ” and “LOCAL HERO JAPAN” will be holding a LOWRIDER and KUSTOM car show on March 8th, 2015 in Nagoya Japan.
The best and biggest indoor car show, “Classic Legends” features more than 450 show cars plus guest show cars from abroad.
It will be the culmination of L/H & 38′s activities. “Classic Legends” will be marked as a new chapter in the history of low-rider and custom car culture.

We will keep you informed about the show on its Facebook page and official home page.
 We can provide you with information about accommodations, transportation, and where to visit.

Do not miss this opportunity to visit Japan and attend one of the biggest car shows in the world! Please let us know if you would like to sponsor us or have a booth at the show.
We will give you Detail information. Welcome to Japan and Enjoy the Show.